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blue air airplane flight academy learn how to fly become Pilot job guaranteed

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Now You Can Work at Airline with Commercial Licence Only

atpl blue air partnership

US and Canada Citizens, Permenant Residents and EU Citizens can apply for this job guaranteed program

Atpl Center proudly presents the collaboration with one of the best European Airlines Blue Air.
You can be a First Officer At Blue Air in Europe right after finish our Zero to Airlines Program as low as 232 hours flying time. Today Us Airlines require minimum Atpl Licence and 1500 flying hours able to apply First Officer Job. How can you reach 1500 qualified hours without being Instructor or renting an airplane, and moreover – earn $3500 per month?

Do you have a FAA Cpl? Apply Europe Job Today

Are you currently holding Faa Cpl/Me/Ir license and looking the Airline job as a first officer? We can help!

As Blue Air authorized training organization we can give you first officer position. Also, if you are selected by the Airline then you can enroll Easa Conversion course and Boeing 737-800 type rating. After successfully obtaining Easa License and Type Rating endorsement you can start your job right away.

Easa Atpl Frozen and Faa Cpl licence as low as $55,000 with Blue Air job interview guaranteed

If you enroll Dual Licence program and sucessfully graduate and obtain your license, you will immediately have a job interview with Blue Air.
If you are select by the Airline, then you will have to enroll Boeing 737 Type rating program.

Easa 14 Aptl Testing

Atpl Center with a partnership “Regional Training Organization” is an authorized online testing center Easa/Rcaa 14 Atpl Theory. You can enroll online Atpl course and after you successfully complete this course, you will be able to enter 14 Atpl test in our facility at Palm Beach, Florida

Learn to fly in beautiful locations!