Now Accepting First Officer Application For Blue Air Europe with a Minimum Commercial Licence !


New Seminars coming soon 

First Officer Seminar

Online Ground Schools

Now We are organizing one to one FAA Ground Schools 

Due to Corona Virus Outbreak , now we preparing our future Zero to airlines students with Grounds Schools first until this unexpected situation end .

We also gonna teach and prepare you to the full program and what you need to do until you get to Airline Line Training.

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Zero To Airline First Officer Program for BlueAir 

New Webinar coming soon , please check back later for registration

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US, Canadian and EU citizens, US and Canadian Permanent Residents, Any national holding FAA CPL or ATPL or/and EASA CPL or ATPL License can apply for First Officer position!

On behalf of Blue Air, Atpl Center is accepting First Officer application from those who hold FAA, EASA or any ICAO State Commercial Multi Engine, Instrument License.

We are also proud to announce that we are accepting applications for our training program “Zero to Airline”, at one of the our selected Locations in Florida, United States.

DO YOU HAVE A FAA-CPL LICENSE? Apply for a job in Europe NOW!

Are you currently holding a FAA CPL/ME/IR license and looking for a job as a First Officer at an airline? WE CAN HELP!

As the BLUE AIR’s authorized training organization, we can offer you the opportunity to apply to our program that can ‘LAND you in the RIGHT seat’!

If you are selected by the airline, you can enroll in the EASA license conversion course and also into the Boeing 737 Type Rating course and after successfully obtaining the license and the endorsement, you can start your career right away! ASK US HOW!

EASA ATPL Frozen license and FAA CPL license program. We can get you a job interview with Blue Air for the First Officer position!

If you enroll our Dual License program and successfully graduate and obtain your licenses, you will immediately have a job interview with Blue Air.

If you are selected by the Airline, you will have to enroll into the Boeing 737 Type rating program. ASK US FOR DETAILS!

Easa 14 ATPL Testing

ATPL Center, in partnership with ‘Regional Air School’ training organization, is authorized by the RCAA as the approved EASA ATPL online course testing facility.

If you enroll into the EASA ATPL online course, at the completion, you can submit your application to be tested on the EASA’s 14 written tests, at one of the four approved testing centers, located at one of our partner flight training schools in Florida area.