If you have an EASA ATPL Frozen licence or ICAO ATPL licence then you are eligible for below application .

If you have ICAO or FAA CPL licence or no licence please check Apply for a Training Program page.


BlueAir is constantly looking to hire skilled personnel and offers a good working environment within a young enthusiastic team. Location: Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi, Romania and Turin, Italy Type: If you want to join our team you must meet the following requirements:

Licensing Requirements EASA-JAA License  (Person who have any ICAO State ATPL Licence can apply for this job, after validating his licence with RCAA , but in one year has to convert to EASA ATPL by passing 14 written Test and checkride )

Senior Captains

3000 hours total time 500 PIC hours on type B737-3-900

Senior First Officers

1000 hours total time 500 hours on type B737-3-900

Junior First Officers 

Minimum  EASA CPL/ME/IR with 14 ATPL test passed results with 250 Hours flight time required.

Date Last flight on Type: within the past 30 months (candidates not current on type must be willing to finance their own recurrent training following successful assessment) Passport / Work Permit

ICAO English level 4 Must possess a valid and current class 1 medical